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Grey vs gray episode 14 this is the game grumps episode and again, like the funhaus episodes. Sarge reveals the new jeep that has just arrived from command and that a new recruit will be arriving soon. The story centers on two opposing teams of soldiers fighting a civil war in the middle of a desolate box canyon blood gulch in a parody of firstperson shooter fps games, military life, and science fiction films. Episode 8, dont ph34r the reaper, was the first to include music. The season is a direct followup to season 12, in which the reds and blues, the new republic and the federal army of chorus join forces to go to war against chairman malcolm hargrove and his space pirates. The reds keep the blues pinned, blue teams rookie tests out the new tank. This is very funny even if you do not play the game halo.

It premiered on april 1, 2015, the shows twelfth anniversary. Blue, often abbreviated as rvb, is a sciencefiction comedy web television series created by burnie burns and produced by rooster teeth. It will ring true for anyone who has ever had to train the new guy at work. This is the first season of the series to be an anthology, presenting a collection of short stories focused on various characters, factions, and events, rather than an episodic storyline. The season continues where the previous left off, with tucker, grif, simmons, and caboose joining the new republic in order to rescue their friends. The stunning conclusion to the epic trilogy nobody ever asked for. This could be a heated war drama with the red team vs. This boxset contains seasons 110 of the extremely popular show in full 1080p hd and including hd remasterings of seasons 15 for the first time. It focuses on the lives and adventures of two teams, the red team and blue team respectively, from a box canyon known as blood gulch. Please keep all discussion of the latest episode here so the subreddit isnt flooded. This boxset contains seasons 1 10 of the extremely popular show in full 1080p hd and including hd remasterings of seasons 1 5 for the first time. Episode 1 is animated in 2d, adapting footage from an old noncanon short red vs. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A teaser image of the season was released by miles luna.

The reds and blues have a lot of opinions on current events, and theyd like to share them with you. Captain flowers finds the last piece to his little operation and moves it to a a quiet little box canyon in the middle of nowhere. After learning that the chairman has been behind the war of chorus the reds and blues go to war with him, felix, and locus. Singularity is the seventeenth full season of red vs. Along with the wit and humor i have come to expect from red vs blue, i was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the storytelling in the later seasons, especially the last four seasons seasons 10. Breaking from the format of the previous seasons, season 14. Early in season 1, burns wrote the episode scripts from week to week, with minimal planning in advance. Episode 1 escape from camp campbell rooster teeth duration. In the distant future, two groups of soldiers battle for control of the least desirable piece of real estate in the known universe.

The show was inspired by the military sciencefiction firstperson shooter series halo. There are parallel universe stories, origin stories, fun stories, prequel episodes, and all sorts of ridiculousness. For the second season, matt hullum became a main writer. In the distant future, two groups of soldiers battle for. Blue is a sciencefiction comedy web television series created by burnie burns and produced by rooster teeth. In its run, the series has had seventeen full seasons and five miniseries that extended the series plot. A rough plot outline is now written before a season begins, although. Blue and enjoyed the series enough to submit a song about it to burns, who liked the piece and promptly requested more music for red vs. If you are a new reader and tuning in for the first time, consider reading my red vs. Blue that presents the series most memorable moments from season 1 to season 9 as voted by the fans and is presented in an award show type style.

Blue spans across thirteen ridiculous seasons, but there are still tales yet to be told within its universe. In the distant future, two groups of soldiers battle. The writing process for the series has changed over time. With over 300 episodes and more still currently in production, red vs. Reminder that this season is a series of anthologies short stories written by many different people while also using different styles. With sarge at command receiving orders, grif and simmons take the opportunity to haze donut mildly, sending him to the store on a fools errand for nonexistent supplies, such as elbow grease and headlight fluid. Blue season 14 is a collection of numerous short stories, focused on characters both old and new, produced in a variety of styles, and presented by everyones favorite computer program.

Blue fan is welcome to contribute by editing or creating articles to write a new red vs. Huggins is a sentient light being that appeared in season 16. This one is a direct continuation of the story i started with season 14. Blue, often abbreviated as rvb, is a comic science fiction video web series created by rooster teeth productions and distributed through the internet and on dvd. Blue tv series 2003 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. In may 2003, nico audyrowland, the bandleader of trocadero, was introduced to red vs. Blue tv series see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. The reds and blues begin to suspect their colorful counterparts of sinister designs. On april 1, 2016, a trailer for season 14 was released, with its first episode airing on may 8, 2016. May 22, 2016 season 14, episode 2 from stumbled beginnings red vs. Season 14 of red vs blue called in for help by asking fans to come in and direct episodes. Season 1 episode 5 adam becomes a father, a cheating scandal is uncovered, and a giant rodent with a penchant for cheese puffs wreaks havoc on the room. Give me a minute and ill edit this to include all the canon stories from this far. Recently it it was found out that at the end of season 12 for red vs blue and the end of season 2 for rwby monty had already made the basic animations and recording for season and 3, they just had not been perfected yet.

Season 14 is a machinimaanimationlive action web series created by rooster. At four hours into the game, the players are digging deep and almost certainly losing their minds. Red vs blue has been the most successful web show in history, starting in april 2003 and still going today gearing up for its 12th season. My teenage kids love this series, and i was very happy to find something that we all could enjoy watching together. Blue season 14 fanfic to help give you an idea of what is happening. Season 14, episode 2 from stumbled beginnings red vs. The continuation of what happens in chorus will likely happen in season 15. In the wake of a violent assault on a unsc supply depot, one reporter dylan andrews is determined to find out the true motivations of its colorful attackers. Blue article, enter the page title in the box below. Season 14 is a machinimaanimationlive action web series created by rooster teeth productions. Blue introduces the main characters, and poses the all important question, why are we here. Male lactation, pedophilia, and ronald reagan episode 4. Grif suggests calling it a puma, as he does not think it looks much like a warthog.

Unbeknownst to our heroes, powerful forces have taken an interest in their debate. This one is a direct continuation of the story i started with season 14 and is meant to be the second one of the planned trilogy. Season 17 episode 1 the reds and blues ruin the universe. In the directors commentary it is also explained that project freelance did something similar to falllouts vaults where they ran different experiments on each outpost like vaulttec did.

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