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A history of the palace of versailles, the jewel of the. Travel to versailles is not included in the paris pass. Hotel pickup in paris introduction to the century of louis xiv and the history of the palace of versailles. Mar 16, 2010 philip mansel, author of paris between empires. He commissioned versailles palace and moved his court from paris to versailles in 1682. If adam gopniks paris to the moon described daily life in contemporary paris, this book describes daily life in paris throughout its history. The palace is yours a private virtual tour of the former home of french royalty. The behindthescenes story of the worlds most famous palace, painting. Welcome to versailles, a city in northern france that is synonymous with the aweinspiring palace and gardens built there by louis xiv in the 17th century. The show takes place every saturday and sunday and on certain public holidays. After reaching versailles by rer train, an informative guide takes on you a pleasant 2hour tour of the garden grounds. The palace of versaillesa paris day trip roaming historian. He will become the sixteenth louis to reign in france, and antoinette will be his queen, hemmed in by towering hairdos, the xenophobic suspicion of. Skip the line, no audioguides, transportation included, all palace and gardens fees included.

This collection of essays and journal entries explores the idiosyncrasies of life in france from a new yorkers point of view. Skiptheline versailles palace family 5hour discovery from paris. Ideally situated between his principle residence at saintgermainenlaye and paris, it was surrounded by woods that were noisy with pheasants, boars and. Travel in comfort on a fully airconditioned coach from paris to versailles, using these priority skip the line tickets which include both half day and full day tours.

In 1789, the french revolution forced louis xvi to leave versailles for paris. The palace of versailles is a royal chateau located 20 kilometers 12 miles outside of paris, france. May 06, 2018 the palace is open most every day except monday. The book includes all of the builders and architects that were involved in the creation of versailles. The book describes how louis xiv became infatuated with that particular area and how versailles was completed over four different periods of his life. These versailles photos prove the palace is worth another. Media in category historical images of the palace of versailles the following 148 files are in this category, out of 148 total. Read about the quintessential, historic landmark where kings and queens of france have lived for centuries. You will visit the palace of versailles, the main royal residence of france, listening to fascinating comments on its history. Starting with louis xivs distrust of paris and his need to feel in control. Palace of versailles history palace of versailles history versailles was the royal residence of france for little more than a century from 1682 until 1789 when the french revolution began.

A biography of a palace by tony spawforth goodreads. Paris four minute tour of versailles history, intrigue. Then you can start reading kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It is located just 40 minutes outside of paris and is one of the primary destinations of visitors in france. Of course, when it comes to visiting versailles be it as a day trip from paris or a weekend escape from the city to explore the rest of the town, the main attraction of the city is the ornately decorated versailles palace.

The palace of versailles was originally constructed in 1624 as a simple, twostory hunting lodge. I dont know if i was louis xiv or marie antoinette or a lowly groundskeeper, but i lived there. Colin jones teaches at queen mary university of london and the university of chicago. The palace is now a historical monument and unesco world heritage site, notable. Apr 16, 2007 it is in his royal city that the seat of government was located although the official capital is paris and the official palace was the louvre. Mar 16, 2010 the behindthescenes story of the worlds most famous palace, painting a picture of the way its residents truly lived and examining the palace s legacy, from french history through todaythe story of versailles is one of historical drama, under the last three kings of frances old regime, mixed with the high camp and glamour of the european courts, all in an iconic home for the french arts. The crowds at versailles can be quite aggravating, so this guide to versailles will focus on practical versailles travel tips as your information packet at versailles will inform you about the history of the grounds. The peace of paris 1783 was signed at versailles, the proclamation of the german empire. Hasslefree private guided tour to one of paris gems, versailles with hotel pickup and dropoff plus skiptheline tickets. Therefore, the subtitle a biography of a palace is misleading.

This is the room where the contemporary french history begun in 1789. However, it remained a place that displayed frances grandeur as well as a symbol exploited by future leaders. Gold plated chandeliers, powdered wigs, extravagant antiques, silk ballgowns, it all hints at an opulence that we dont see any more these days. There is a train that takes you from paris to versailles and it is a short walk from the train station to the palace. The palace from the seat of power to a museum of the history of france.

Construction of a fairly pedestrian hunting cabin began on the property in 1623, under the reign of king louis xiii. From louis xiv to marie antoinette, take a walking tour with me and discover some highlights of this amazing piece of history. When louis xiv moved the seat of the monarchy to versailles in 1682, the paris versailles road became one of the busiest arteries in europe, even during the night, when, by the late eighteenth century, streetlights lit the paved surface all the way from the palace to the paris tollgate. Spend time exploring the golden age of france at the palace of versailles with an audioguide that knows all its secrets, before heading back to paris. He is the author of many books on french history, including paris. The lines to get in can be very long, especially if you havent purchased tickets already online.

Palace of versailles selfguided tour inside the palace of. The palace of versailles is the french jewel in europes crown of culture and style. As paris was being liberated at the end of wwii, the parisian resistance set up their headquarters in the building. His literary anthology, americans in paris, is also recommended. Paris palace of versailles paris known throughout the world for its regal palace and vast gardens, the town of versailles is of utmost importance in french history. The king, who could see great things for the chateau and the forests around it, took on the role of architect himself, and built a masterpiece with which he.

This classic explores the symbolism of classical architecture. Your entry does not include the musical fountain shows. Its hard to believe now, but versailles first began as a modest hunting lodge. Palace of versailles tickets, opening hours, and information. In english it is often referred to as the palace of versailles. List of books and articles about paris history online. The palace of versailles offers a visual history of french architecture from the 17th century to the end of the 18th century.

Initially constructed as a hunting lodge for king louis xiii, the royal familys love for the estate saw the movement of the royal court from paris to versailles in 1682 by king louis xiv, louis xiiis son. Once at versailles, bypass the long lines and head right in entry own expense. The events that followed helped shape the history of europe and of course was the start of the french revolution. In 1661, his son, king louis xiv, also named sun king, commissioned the design of the great versailles gardens. The palace would never again be a royal residence and a new role was assigned to it in the 19 th century, when it became the museum of the history of france in 1837 by order of king louisphilippe, who came to the throne in 1830. Spawforths versailles is more a biography of court life than a biography of the palace itself. A complete domaine of versailles guided tour 8 hours. Stretching for more than 721,000 square feet, the palace of versailles. The palace of versailles is a royal chateau in versailles, in the iledefrance region of france. King louis xiv, the sun king, spent nearly 50 years expanding the palace, and in1682, he moved both the royal residence and french seat of government to versailles. An unexpected paris the coronation of napoleon by jacqueslouis david. It began with the original chateau, with the brick and stone and sloping slate mansard roofs of the louis xiii style used by architect philibert le roy. Discover the beauty of the palace of versailles, all from your computer listen to a french historian explain the unique history of the versailles royals admire.

By an accident of history, i spent part of my early childhood in paris and french became my first spoken language. Travel with your guide from a paris train station, or make your own way to versailles and meet them upon arrival. Read tips for the best month to visit versailles, how to avoid the crowds at versailles, and how to get to versailles from paris. The palace was originally a hunting lodge the palace of versailles had. As well as having a rich broadcast history, tony spawforth is the author. Set off for the palace of versailles from our agency in central paris. Apart from being the seat of frances former monarchy, it is a magnificent museum of art and history. Louis xiii, king of france since 1610, commissioned in 1624 a hunting lodge in the village of versailles near paris. Today the palace contains 2,300 rooms spread over 63,154 m2. Although the location existed for centuries before the sovereign, louis xiv developed a genuine liking for versailles early on, and decided to extend it beyond the chateau that had grown out of the hunting lodge of brick and stone first built by his father. Versailles, yvelines simple english wikipedia, the free.

Palace of versailles half day trip from the eiffel tower. It is located about 10 miles west of paris and can easily be reached via rer trains. Skip the line palace of versailles and gardens tour from paris. Check versailles palace s website and attend one of the most impressive fireworks in france. Searching on amazon, i found seven ages of paris by alistair horne and paris. Take your seat aboard an airconditioned tour bus departing at 8. I want to read a book about the history of parisand would like a recommendation if anyone has read a good one.

The young dauphin the future louis xiii came to versailles for his first hunting trip on 24 august. Louis xiii built a hunting lodge at the village of versailles outside of paris in 1624. The palace of versailles is an opulent complex and former royal residence outside of paris. A biography of a palace and millions of other books are available for amazon kindle. I dont feel like paying 100 plus us dollars per person for a tour to palace of versailles. Palace of versailles priority access tour from paris with. The palace of versailles is one of the most extraordinary achievements of 17th century european architecture. The extravagant estate evolved from a humble hunting lodge into an opulent and ostentatious palace that is worldrenowned and today is.

Summer tour of the palace of versailles wheelchair travel. This city is very important for the history of france because it was formerly the capital of the kingdom of france its name comes from the latin word vertere, meaning to turn the soil. Palace of versailles history versailles was the royal residence of france for little more than a century from 1682 until 1789 when the french revolution began. The story of versailles is one of high historical drama mixed with the high camp and glamour of the european courts, all in an iconic home for the french arts. Planning a day trip to versailles from paris is fairly straightforward, but youll definitely want to go in with a plan in place. Since 1979, the palace and the gardens of versailles have been inscribed as a world heritage site by unesco. When the chateau was built, versailles was a country village.

Despite the fact that the town itself was first attested in the 11thcentury and is incredibly close. A milestone in relating mysticism to design, it shows the correlation between mythology and the design of st. Versailles on the 1652 map of paris by gomboust gallica 2012. This illustrated book contains informative descriptions and. Follow these tips on seeing frances most famous palace, dripping with luxury and history. Sep 25, 20 lisa appignanesis top 10 books about paris. As the crow flies, versailles is twelve miles west of paris. The luxurious palace, as it exists today, was built during an expansion of the property by king louis xiv, known largely for his maintenance of absolute power and obsession with.

In this fourhour versailles palace and gardens tour excursion from paris, we will join a historian to see the magnificent palace and gardens of versailles, the seat of. This set reflects the dual vocation of the palace once inhabited by the sovereigns and then a museum dedicated to all the glories of france inaugurated by louisphilippe in 1837. In the end, the palace would never again become a royal residence after the reign of louis xvi. It has held sway in the public imagination for years because of its architectural grandeur and political. Enjoy a stressfree way to explore when you book a smallgroup tour of the palace of versailles. Versailles was not only home to many kings, from louis xiii to louis xvi, but also the birthplace of the french revolution. Paris pass is a great way to save money if you are visiting a lot of other sightseeing attractions in paris including the palace of versailles. Notably, the first matisse retrospective after his death was held at the grand palais. How to get to the palace of versailles the palace is set in the small township of versailles, miles 21 km outside of paris, and is easy to reach by train. Find here a selection of guide and books for adults and kids to prepare or extend your visit to palace of versailles. When the chateau was built, versailles was a country village, but it is now a suburb of paris with city status in its own right. A biography of a palace and millions of other books are available for. The palace of versailles was the principal royal residence of france from 1682, under louis. The representation of the palace in 1668 by pierre patel, with the newly designed gardens by le notre and the older louis xiii castle, helps us understand the stunning work ordered.

Abrams for his enlightening, welltold history of louis xivs palace of versailles, one of the worlds great architectural treasures. The best books about paris you need to read the local. Palace of versailles history link paris, the day trips. The history of versailles is inextricably linked with the figure of louis xiv. Lisa appignanesis top 10 books about paris books the.

The history and legacy of frances famous royal palace kindle edition by charles. Since learning about the history of the palace of versailles is an integral part of visiting versailles, heres a brief background about the palace, followed by a look at our selfguided tour of the palace of versailles. Even before you visit the palace of versailles about 12 hour train from paris, you know that you will be walking into a world of splendor. My husband and i are going to paris for the first time as our second honeymoon.

A history of paris development from chaotic alleyways to grand boulevards. Versailles dirty secrets toute lhistoire the chateau of versailles is believed to have been a dirty palace. Catch rer c from paris to versailles rive gauche station, only a 10minute walk from the palace. His son louis xiv eventually took over and commissioned the building of. The palace had become an archetypal seat of power and continued to host the most important events in the history of france, such as the declaration of the german empire, signed in 1871 following frances defeat at war by the prussians. Pauls cathedral, the taj mahal, the palace of versailles, and other architectural masterpieces. A place in the world called paris steven barclay, 1994. With a paris pass you can visit the palace of versailles free of charge thats a saving of 18 note. This book stays true to its purpose to tell the history of versailles beginning. Sep 09, 2012 history of the palace of versailles thunderworks. Visiting versailles palace from paris guide historic. Audioguided tour of giverny and the palace of versailles. This anthology includes essays by literary greats from. With 60,000 artworks, collections of versailles illustrate 5 centuries of french history.

History of the palace of versailles versailles wasnt built in a day. The french revolution is very important in the palace of versailles history. Between the months of april and october, versailles organizes the grandes eaux, when the palaces fountains come to life with music. The enchanting and beautiful palace of versailles, recognised in 1978 as a unesco world heritage site is now one of the most visited places by tourists in europe. From the splendour of the state apartments that evoke the life. The chapters do more to illustrate what life was like at versailles than to show a biography of the palace itself. Lets you discover the history and culture of some of the worlds most influential historical places. Versailles stopped being a royal residence in 1789 when a mob marched on the palace and forced the king and queen louis xvi and marie antoinette to return to paris. The court of versailles was the centre of political power in france from 1682, when louis xiv moved from paris, until the royal family was. The history of versailles palace is associated with the history of three french kings. If you are doing a guided tour of versailles and not visiting other sightseeing areas in paris, then paris pass may not be worth it for you and you can skip. Versailles is the story of an expansive spirit locked in a pretty body and an impossible moment in history. The book told the story about the evolution of a hunting lodge to the palace at versailles.

Visit the majestic palace of versailles on an independent tour from paris that includes access to the palace, the versailles. He is currently professor of ancient history at newcastle university in england. During the world war i, the grand palais was used as a military hospital, and during world war ii, it housed two nazi propaganda exhibitions. Versailles tour guided tour of the palace and grounds by. After a halfday marvelling at one of the most dreamlike palaces in the world, youll return to paris. Visiting versailles is at the top of many paris trip wishlistsand considering that the palace and expansive grounds make up one of the most opulent royal residences on the planet, its not hard to see why. Discover the history, the most beautiful rooms, the gardens, how to get there and how to buy tickets with an audioguide in english. Versailles is an amazing 17th century palace ten miles outside of paris. It is the commercial and industrial focus of france and a cultural and intellectual center of international renown. Enter your mobile number or email address below and well send you a link to download the free kindle app. As well as having a rich broadcast history, tony spawforth is the author and editor of numerous books on the ancient world. Nov 24, 2016 here are some of the best books ever written about about paris, according to authors in france. Book this halfday palace of versailles tour that includes roundtrip train transport from paris, a skiptheline entrance ticket and an audioguide.

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