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The viii is6, for example, is notorious for scoring many 0 damage shots fired at its. It scored poor firepower, good armor, poor mobility, lowest view range, and poor hitpoints. The type 5, also known as the type 2605, was one of the variants of the oi superheavy tank, developed during wwii. Download game media news tankopedia newcomers guide. I try to open this thread to help other people not make my same mistake. Each tank in world of tanks has specific strong and weak points in its armor. The damage of its basic he round will decrease from 1,100 to 900 points, and the special round will change from he to hesh, with armour penetration increasing to 192 mm and damage decreasing from 1,400 to 750 points besides all that, the top japanese heavy will become more mobile, gaining 4 kmh in the top forward speed. These weak spot guides here on wot guru go into great detail specific weak spots that take into account effective armor values and unlike other places will list weak spots based on both verticalhorizontal angles on armor to get a true value of the armors effectiveness. Hatches are weak spots that if hit generally result in 100% shot damage to the tank. This world of tanks weak spots guide is complete with videos and a text guide to show you the weak spots for tanks in world of tanks. Left old, right new those are all known so far, ill post more as soon as i find them. Add to comparison vehicle added to comparison add vehicle configuration to comparison vehicle wot 4, 2 8 blitz type 64 read more about type 64, play free mobile online mmo game for ios and android. This guide lists the frontal, side, and rear armor of the e3 going into detail for its effective armorarmor after normalization. Also included as lesser known weak spots like the 76mm armor on the lower hull and the 75mm area on top of the t110e3.

How to penetrate type 4 heavy weak spots 4 wotold duration. In most cases these weak spot guides are actual for wot blitz. Feared for its overall package, the object 252u and its branded defender version are among the most legendary vehicles in world of tanks. In the category of clan war mode, it was compared against 36 vehicles in its selected category. Its existence is debatable, as the only available information of the tank comes from some vague soviet report of japanese tanks. This is frontal armor test from 35m distance and not tanks compare in the battle.

Ive updated both weak spot guides on my website for the type 45 heavies based on the. You will learn every weak spot that you need to take a type 4 heavy down and also its effective armor values. At least put that thing in free ride so we can try out the weakspots ourselves along with us vehicles. Wg, listen up, this is how you should change the type 4 heavy and. The soviet tank fleet features a number of famous historical machines that took part in world war ii. Japanese type 4 weakspot guide world of tanks console. Weak spot guides,map strategy, tips, tank guides, and much more. Once sluggish and vulnerable to their peers, these tanks went away with a significantly thicker frontal plate which, together with a boost in firepower, carved them a spot among heavies. As per the name of ammo an armor piercing round is designed to pierce the armor of tanks. The tweaks the type 4 and type 5 heavy received back in 9. Type 4 super heavy tank is a speculated 2nd japanese super heavy tank design that succeeded the oi. Blitz is crossplatform and runs on ios, android, windows 10, mac os, and steam. Type 5 heavy general discussion official forum world.

You might want to stop the line there, as the type 5 is basically the same tank, but doesnt meet tier 7s. World of tanks weak spots can be difficult to learn and very time consuming. For instance, if your heavy tank is tier 5 and you encounter a majority of tier 6 and 7. The changes to the 15cm cannon the he gun will be more severe. This is not another topic about is3 br increase, until it will happen, i just wanted to ask where to shoot that ufo with 88mm pzgr 3943 or with pzgr 4043. If youre playing on a tablet or smartphone, you can choose to only play against users like. The type 5 heavy can provide cover for lighterarmored allies while those same allies can assist you in destroying mobile enemies with smaller silhouettes that will be difficult for you to hit. Light tanks are naturalborn scouts, and their main role is to reveal enemy positions, surviving as long as they can. There are number of weak spots on tiger i tank, some of them are. The soviet is7 is a tier 10 heavy tank under the battle tier of 10 to 12. E100 size comparison by chaoscraft999 on deviantart m551 sheridan and japanese vehicles general discussion world. Specifically, the mismatch in crew values caused by commanders 10% crew skill bonus. Outside of a crew of 1 commander only, 100% crew is a fiction.

Not to mention the soft cheeks, and especially on the oni the front turrets are ridiculously weak. Simply nerf the armor thickness, dont add weakspots 12 11. Keep in mind that heavy tanks move slower than the rest given their large guns and plentiful armor. Combining awesome armour and destructive firepower, this soviet machine is the ultimate frontline brawler. The type 4, also known as the type 2604, is a variant of the superheavy oi tank that was developed during world war ii. Some examples include the chinese type 59 or the american t34. Ads are our only source to cover the costs of maintaining wotinfo. Commanders, may is here, which means its time for another round of the top of the tree special. Armor piercing or ap ammunition is by far the most common type of tank ammo available in the game especially for medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and light tanks beyond tier 4. Can anyone show me where the weak spots on the t28 and the pz iii are. If youre low tiered then this can be an absolute monster, so heres a guide to this japanese type 4 super heavy tier 9 amour and weakspots. Weak spot guides world of tanks guru home wot guru. T57 heavy tank tank analyzer world of tanks strategy guide.

Spg sight for tanks, sniper for arty and free camera in battle wot 0. Today tilith of the na server is going to show you the raw power of the t9 japanese heavy tank the type 4 heavy. It contains all the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the iron tank monsters. Therefore, the easiest way of damaging a tank especially of the heavy class is to. The vehicle was planned to be used for breaking through fortified enemy lines and for coastal defense.

Direct penetrated hit to the cupola will not disabledestr. Listed below is each available tank with a video to demonstrate how to take them out quickly using our world of tanks weak spots guide. It is the first tier ix that i unlocked and the japanese heavy tank line is the first tank line that might be able to finish. Just try to either gring or free xp up to the 14 cm. The 14cm is a special gun that can get stuff done if used. This tank is by far the worst tier 9 heavy in the game.

The is2s stepped front plate was judged to be a weak point and made into a single glacis. Tank inspector ti is a free software you can download and install on your. Guide to weak spots in world of tanks taugrims mmo blog. Weak spots general discussion world of tanks blitz. This guide discusses weak spots in world of tanks wot. How to penetrate type 5 heavy weak spots these weak spot guides here on wot guru go into great detail specific weak spots that take into account effective armor values and unlike other places will list weak spots based on both verticalhorizontal angles on armor to get a true value of the armors effectiveness general weak spots to shoot at. The vehicle was designed for breakthrough attacks on enemy fortifications as well as for coastal defense. This guide is for world of tanks type 4 heavy weak spots. This wont completely stop a tank with the necessary pen to low roll and bounce or a tank with just below the necessary pen to high roll and pen, what it especially does is powercreep the hell out of tanks that cannot get close to the pen. The cupola, which is the hatch on top of the turret. The american t57 heavy tank is a tier 10 heavy tank under the battle tier of 10 to 12. A hit on a hatch wont directly affect a module or crew member however its worth noting that hatches are situated on the turret and a turret penetrating shot may continue to travel and cause further damage to modules or crew members.

When in close combat, take advantage of the type 5 heavys size and the firing angles it. Easy ammo rack targets in world of tanks allgamers. The fastest, most dynamic, nimble, but the most vulnerable class in the game. In the category of all vehicles of same type and tier, it was compared against 8 vehicles in its selected category. Weak spots are specific areas of a tank that can be penetrated more easily than other areas where the armor is thicker andor sloped. There is no point in buying it and now i will list the disasters. The type 4 heavy or often simply referred as type 4, has bit. Russian heavy tanks such as the is3 and the kv4 are also. In the spotlight this time is the gargantuan type 5 heavy, a mountain of a tank that can easily compete with the maus in the field of size, weight, and armour 50% discount on.

In the category of all vehicles of same type and tier, it was compared against 9 vehicles in its selected category. I am about average for doing damage with the type 4 heavy and i. It scored good firepower, average armor, poor mobility, excellent view range, and good hitpoints. The type 4 has slightly thinner armor and a different rear hull layout compared to the type 5 heavy.

From vx as well, they cannot even pen each other and the type 5 will struggle to pen another type 5. He played really well but the type 4 heavy needs a nerf of a gun depression the only tanks in my garage that can penetrate type 4 frontally are centurion 71 and of course my t54 with those lovely heat shells great video. A powerful shot to the turret ring of thinlyarmored tank destroyers like the m18 hellcat and t67 make them prime targets for ammoracking. However it is not an easy tank to play, and the maps with wide open sight lines limit its options. By hiding your weak spots like your lower glacis or exposed commanders hatch, you can only increase your chances of success. It scored good firepower, average armor, poor mobility, average view range, and average hitpoints. Even people arguing the oi is op are silly, as that is just as slow and big, has worse accuracy, and longer reload times, while facing much faster lower tier tanks that can easily get around the slow moving gun and punch the sides for ammo rack. The design andor content of this article do not conform to wiki standards.

This guide for world of tanks type 4 heavy weak spots breaks down the tanks entire armor scheme and effective armor. Recently finished a weak spot guide for the tier 10 american tank destroyer t110e3. An he round can easily detonate their ammo supply and cause an ammo rack explosion. Type 5 heavy, t502 and m51 super sherman, stark strv s1. Type 5 heavy archives full metal blogger wot type 5 heavy 10. Wot kranvagn weak spots how to penetrate kranvagn weak. The armor around commanders hatch is quite thin and its big size doesnt help to hide it. The american m103 is a tier 9 heavy tank under the battle tier of 9 to 11. Do not buy or grind the type 4 heavy posted in heavy tanks.

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